Friday, April 23

Bus Bomber

Obviously somebody of terrorist descent

Wednesday, April 21

Says it all

I'd rather drink my own piss

Tuesday, April 20

The Revolution Will Not Be Twittered

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If you've got any subway bombs, send em in and I'll put em up!

I'd rather have the tightest pussy than the lightest beer

Submitted by SubwayBomber

First and foremost…. these are just twisted.

But secondarily, who the FUCK wants the lightest beer in the world? There’s another one of these that I forgot to take a picture of that more accurately describes the product under scrutiny… more to come!


It's Modern Art.

Submitted by NotYourFuckingSpaceMonkey

Monday, April 19

Must be my lucky day...

Maybe I really would play the lottery if he was the grand prize

Sunday, April 18

The Knife Guy

I've seen a few of these, which can mean only one thing... somewhere out there, he's watching. He's waiting. Biding his time, until he finds another knife to stick in some asshole's face.

Assest? Really?

I don't know if that's really a word, but if it was, this is definitely what they would give you when you asked to hear it in a sentence at a 3rd grade spelling bee